Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dare Programme

Wednesday 9th May 2012
Dare Programme
L.I: Learning to write a recount.
Programme 1
On Monday 7th May 2012 a female constable called constable Taina came to Tamaki Intermediate to talk about drugs and what ones to keep away from. There were drugs that were alright to use but could be dangerous if it was misused. She talked about good drugs that you get from the chemist or the doctors and drugs that drug dealers manufacture to people that are addicted to. She had work in the police force for 5 years and in a SWAT unit for a couple of years as well as being a detective. In our class she talked about how she caught people doing illegal drugs like pot, marijuana, weed, methane or pee. She had taught us about how drugs could ruin your life and could leave you homeless without any money. Then she talked about how she found a man in an alley beaten up with no money, so they took him to the night-watch cell so they could see what he was doing all night, When he sobered up in the morning he asked where his wallet was and why he had a bleeding nose and two black eyes.
Programme 2
On Wednesday 9th May 2012 Constable Taina had come to our school again to teach us more about Drugs and their classes from the most dangerous to the least dangerous drugs, Class A is the most dangerous class of drugs, Class B is less dangerous than Class A  and Class C is the least dangerous Type of drug. Then we had to put the names of the drugs under the illegal and the legal labels if we thought it was that. Soon we had learnt about all the drugs and their classes