Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Monday, 19 November 2012

I recommend P.E.P.A

I strongly recommend to watch P.E.P.A if you are watching manaiakalani videos. P.E.P.A is a rapping crew from room 21 in Point England school. P.E.P.A is a video that has experienced dancers and rappers for children.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Term 4 report Nikau

Term 3 was over and it was only one more term away until the end of school, YAY.......... Wait one term is way too long, I have a feeling this is going to be a long term.

The term started off slow for me but as soon a week went I got used to being back a school with my friends and another week went by fast until Haka Waiata. Haka Waiata was a day that everyone could not wait for. Everyone had mastered their items and were ready for the day to come. When we had found out that we were coming back to school on a Saturday we felt our hearts drop down to the ground until we heard that we can miss a day of school at the end of the year. Then the day came and I knew I was ready from the previous day from doing dress rehearsal in the hall. At the end of all the performances we had come a tie out of our trophies with Leander, But my house, Calliope had won the last ever Tamaki Intermediate Haka Waiata.

Another week past and here we are now week 3 term 4 2012.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My uncle is the best award

Wednesday 22nd August 2012

L.I: Write a letter to Mrs Baker saying why this person deserves this award.

Tamaki Intermediate School
80a Tripoli road

Dear Mrs Baker,

I am positive that my uncle deserves this award because he is always a very thoughtful and he is also very caring and he would always think positivley and he was always the person I would go to because he would protect me from things that I did not like even if it was my aunties meatloaf when I was at his house. When I was abseiling, I used to be scared of heights and he would always be there right beside me to encourage me that I could I could do it.

When I get hungry he would share his food that he bought from the shop or pak-n-save. Also when I got bored on the weekends he would go get out his PS3 and let me play on it in the lounge, And when I could not get past a level he would tell me cheat codes or if there were none he would do it for me. One thing that he provides is money so I could go get lollies from the shop or for ice-cream.

He is my rolemodel and he inspires me to grow up like him.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Making Your Own Magnet

What you will need:
1. A thick magnet. (Not a fridge magnet)
2. A paper clip.


1. Get a paper clip and a magnet but make sure it is not a fridge magnet beause the magnetism will not be strong enough.
2. Hold the paper clip in one hand and the magnet in the other and run the paper clip close to the magnet 50-100 times as fast as you can.
3. When you finished doing that get something small and metal and put the paper clip near it and the paper clip will pick up the small metal object.

Run the paper clip along the magnet more times for more magnetism.

When it is done, have fun!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dare Programme

Wednesday 9th May 2012
Dare Programme
L.I: Learning to write a recount.
Programme 1
On Monday 7th May 2012 a female constable called constable Taina came to Tamaki Intermediate to talk about drugs and what ones to keep away from. There were drugs that were alright to use but could be dangerous if it was misused. She talked about good drugs that you get from the chemist or the doctors and drugs that drug dealers manufacture to people that are addicted to. She had work in the police force for 5 years and in a SWAT unit for a couple of years as well as being a detective. In our class she talked about how she caught people doing illegal drugs like pot, marijuana, weed, methane or pee. She had taught us about how drugs could ruin your life and could leave you homeless without any money. Then she talked about how she found a man in an alley beaten up with no money, so they took him to the night-watch cell so they could see what he was doing all night, When he sobered up in the morning he asked where his wallet was and why he had a bleeding nose and two black eyes.
Programme 2
On Wednesday 9th May 2012 Constable Taina had come to our school again to teach us more about Drugs and their classes from the most dangerous to the least dangerous drugs, Class A is the most dangerous class of drugs, Class B is less dangerous than Class A  and Class C is the least dangerous Type of drug. Then we had to put the names of the drugs under the illegal and the legal labels if we thought it was that. Soon we had learnt about all the drugs and their classes

Monday, 21 November 2011

My dream car

Your dream car, That car that would have what you and YOU only could want it to do.

Now this is my normal car at home, It has a silver outline of the car and it has black coloured windows. With it has silver rims with black tyres. That is my stink car at home, Nothing special.

Now this is my dream car, I want it to have a purple outline with a yellowish gold interior, I want it to have yellowish gold rims and purple tyres. And I want it to have yellowish gold bullet-proof windows. And I want it to have undestroyable tyres that will never ever pop.

I want it to have the ability to be able to drive on water and reach UNLIMITED SPEED LIMITS. With a auto pilot sequence you just pull the gear past automatic drive past manual drive until you get the gear to auto pilot. Or if you have no time to react to the gear just say these two words"AUTO PILOT" loud enough for the speaker to hear you. The last glitch I want it to have is a voice activated food despencer just say what ever you want it will pop up in the hand department.

That was what I want my dream car to be like. Remember you and YOU only can control your dreams.