Monday, 21 November 2011

My dream car

Your dream car, That car that would have what you and YOU only could want it to do.

Now this is my normal car at home, It has a silver outline of the car and it has black coloured windows. With it has silver rims with black tyres. That is my stink car at home, Nothing special.

Now this is my dream car, I want it to have a purple outline with a yellowish gold interior, I want it to have yellowish gold rims and purple tyres. And I want it to have yellowish gold bullet-proof windows. And I want it to have undestroyable tyres that will never ever pop.

I want it to have the ability to be able to drive on water and reach UNLIMITED SPEED LIMITS. With a auto pilot sequence you just pull the gear past automatic drive past manual drive until you get the gear to auto pilot. Or if you have no time to react to the gear just say these two words"AUTO PILOT" loud enough for the speaker to hear you. The last glitch I want it to have is a voice activated food despencer just say what ever you want it will pop up in the hand department.

That was what I want my dream car to be like. Remember you and YOU only can control your dreams.


  1. wow that was awesome, I would like my car to be able to drive on water to

  2. With a dream car like that, you should write a letter to Xzibit, Nikau. LOL UNLIMITED SPEED LIMIT? Wow, good luck with that! Haha I don't know how much it would cost you or if someone could make that miracle happen. :P

  3. That’s a very interesting car! :) With today’s fast growing technology, it’s not impossible for you to attain that if you could wait for it for several more years. I had a dream car too: A bullet-proof car and with a lot of money in it! Years after, it has become a reality in the form of an armored car! Haha So, keep believing!
    {Mickey Doshi}


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